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使用 elementary OS 为您的消费者提供最佳体验。


若想在 我们的商店 被列为 elementary OS 的 OEM,我们提供两种方式,每种方式有不同的要求和优势。


Per-model approval, with each model featured in our store.


  • 有 elementary, Inc. 的官方参与
  • 可协商的每台设备使用费
  • 严格的软件指南
  • 遵从商标规定


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The elementary OS Installer treats every installation as an OEM installation; step through it to install the OS, then shut down the device and it is ready to be shipped to a customer. Or, to create your own custom image: install the OS, configure any necessary packages or settings using a temporary administrator account, delete the account, and then create an image of the disk. In both cases, Initial Setup will create an end user account upon the customer's first boot.




系统设置为 OEM 提供 elementary OS 的几个优势。 从其可插拔架构到易于提供的品牌,系统设置深度针对 OEM 设计。


System Settings (codenamed Switchboard) uses a concept of “Plugs” to provide pluggable settings for various hardware and software concerns. For example, Mouse & Touchpad settings are provided by a plug.


OEMs can develop and ship custom plugs if special or unique hardware in the machine requires configuration in addition to what is available by default in elementary OS; for example, special sensors or input methods not present in most hardware. If relevant to a broader set of users, contributing it upstream to the existing plugs is highly encouraged.


关于 OEM 信息

The About plug displays system information to the user and provides several system-wide actions, such as restoring settings, reporting issues, and getting help. In addition to software information (like the OS version), it also provides a space for hardware information. By default, this is filled in with a generic image and the system’s hostname. However, OEMs can provide custom branded data for this section.


通过提供 oem.conf 文件,OEM 可以填写制造商名称、产品名称、型号和制造商 URL。 还可以提供替换通用硬件图标的图像。



It is highly discouraged to ship elementary OS with software repositories other than the defaults in elementary OS plus a single repository provided and controlled by the OEM. Third-party repos effectively give root access and the ability to overwrite any system packages to potentially untrusted third parties. Even if the party is trustworthy, an OEM’s customer’s security and privacy are now at stake if third parties are compromised, or they reuse their password on multiple services, etc.

Further, if a third-party repository ever becomes unmaintained or unpublished, it may prevent regular OS updates. This could hold back potentially serious security and stability fixes from reaching the OEM’s customers.


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