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我们提供两种方式在我们的商店中列为elementary OS的 OEM,具有不同的要求和优势。


Model-by-model approval with those specific models featured in our store.


  • Official involvement from elementary, Inc.
  • Negotiable per-device royalty
  • Strict software guidelines
  • Trademark compliance


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The elementary OS Installer treats every installation as an OEM installation; step through it to install the OS, then shut down and the device is ready to be shipped to a customer. To create a custom image, install the OS, configure the system with an administrator account, delete that account, then create an image of the disk. In both cases, Initial Setup will run on the customer's first boot and create their user account.


Initial Setup


系统设置为 OEM 提供elementary OS的几个优势。 从其可插拔架构到易于提供的品牌,系统设置的设计考虑了 OEM。


System Settings (codenamed Switchboard) uses a concept of “Plugs” to provide pluggable settings for various hardware and software concerns. For example, Mouse & Touchpad settings are provided by a plug.


OEMs are able to develop and ship custom plugs if there is special or unique hardware in the machine that would require configuration outside of what is available by default in elementary OS; for example, special sensors or input methods that are not present in most hardware and therefor not implemented by default. Of course if this configuration could be relevant to a broader set of users, contributing upstream to the existing plugs is heavily encouraged.


关于 OEM 信息

The About plug displays system information to the user and provides several system-wide actions, such as restoring settings, reporting issues, and getting help. In addition to software information (like the OS version), it also provides a space for hardware information. By default, this is filled in with a generic image and the system’s hostname. However, OEMs can provide custom branded data for this section.

主机 关于

通过提供 oem.conf 文件,OEM 可以填写制造商名称、产品名称、型号和制造商 URL。 还可以提供替换通用硬件图标的图像。



非常不鼓励使用除基本操作系统中的默认值之外的软件存储库以及由 OEM 提供和控制的单个存储库来交付基本操作系统。 第三方存储库有效地为可能不受信任的第三方提供 root 访问权限和覆盖任何系统包的能力。即使第三方值得信赖,如果第三方受到威胁,OEM 客户的安全和隐私现在也会受到威胁 被泄露,在多个服务上重复使用他们的密码等。

此外,如果第三方存储库无人维护或未发布,它可能会阻止正常的系统升级。这可能会阻止潜在的严重安全性和稳定性更新到达 OEM 的客户。

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