Wij zijn gebouwd op open source

The elementary OS platform is built upon a strong foundation of Free & Open Source software. Without projects such as these, elementary OS would not exist.

Security & Privacy

By being Open Source, elementary OS can benefit from superior security and privacy over closed source software. When the source code is available to audit, anyone in the community — whether a security researcher, a concerned user, or an OEM shipping the OS on their hardware — can ensure the software is secure and not collecting or leaking personal information.

Better for Developers

If your app could benefit from a system API or feature that’s not yet available, you can help write that feature into the OS. Similarly, you might be curious as to how a feature or design pattern in elementary OS was made. Instead of guessing or trying to reimplement it on your own, you can just look at the underlying source code for a definitive answer.

Help mee

Wij steunen open source projecten

elementary maakt een punt door financieringen terug te sturen naar de projecten waarop we steunen. Wanneer u een kopie van elementary OS koopt, dan steunt u ook grootste projecten zoals deze.

Alle logo's zijn handelsmerken van hun respectieve projecten.