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Všetko čo robíme je 100% open source a vyvinuté spoločne ľuďmi z celého sveta. Aj keď nie si programátor, tak sa môžeš zapojiť a niečo zmeniť.


With the help of our users and fans, we've been able to grow from a small group of passionate volunteers into a tiny but sustainable company. Every little bit of support helps us improve elementary OS and tackle even more ambitious problems.

Directly fund elementary and get a badge on your GitHub profile to show your support. GitHub Sponsors doesn't charge any fees, so it's a great way to make your contribution go farther.

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elementary OS je vytvorený a používaný ľuďmi z celého sveta; pomôžte nám zlepšiť zážitok prekladaním do viacerých jazykov.

Both elementary OS and our website are openly translated using an online platform called Weblate. Zistite viac

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Otázky a Odpovede

Stack Exchange is a Q&A website built around finding the best answers to common questions. Anyone can create an account to start asking and answering.

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elementary poskytuje základnú dokumentáciu pre užívateľov a vývojárov. Celá naša dokumentácia je napísaná v jazyku Markdown na stránke GitHub, takže odosielanie, zmena alebo nová sekcie je jednoduchá

Learning the Basics Guide Dokumenty vývojárov

Vývoj webu

Náš web je napísaný pomocou HTML, CSS, PHP a JavaScript. Neustále hľadáme skúsených ľudí v tejto oblasti, ktorí by radi prispeli a urobili ho ešte lepším.

Nahlás chybu na našom Webe Fork the Website on GitHub

Vývoj desktopu

Our desktop environment and all its apps are built using Vala, GTK, Granite, and a number of other open libraries. We host all of our code and do all development on GitHub. If you've never developed for elementary OS before, we recommend you check out our Getting Started guide.

Getting Started Guide Browse Code

Report issues

Help out by tracking down issues and reporting them. Or help by confirming, clarifying, and cleaning up existing issues.

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Fix issues

Contribute to elementary OS by fixing issues, improving functionality or implementing new features. Zistite viac

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Create apps

Improve the overall elementary OS ecosystem and earn money by creating great new apps for AppCenter.

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Our design team turns ideas into clear issue reports and deliverable assets. Before diving in, it's recommended to read about our design workflow. Zistite viac