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  • Q: Can I add "open terminal" in Files' right-click menu?
    A: Make a file called terminal.contract in /usr/share/contractor and paste the contents in it. Full Answer
  • Q: missing dropbox indicator
    A: It is a bug in the latest dropbox package. What I did was : Uninstall the CURRENT Dropbox installation (I had installed it via the Software… Full Answer
  • Q: Can I sync Google Calendar and Facebook events?
    A: Maya does not currently synchronize with Google Calendar or Facebook. This feature is planned for a future release of elementary OS, but it… Full Answer
  • Q: How can I search in the Files app?
    A: When you open Files, just type to jump to the first file that matches what you typed. As far as a "search in this directory and all subdirectories"… Full Answer
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