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AppCenter delivers native, Open Source apps to elementary OS. Quickly discover new apps and easily update the ones you already have. Plus, support indie developers directly through pay-what-you-want purchases.

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elementary OS ships with a carefully curated selection of apps that cater to every day needs so you can spend more time using your computer and less time cleaning up bloatware.

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Organize and listen to your music. Browse by album, use lightning-fast search, and build playlists of your favorites.

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Surf the web with a fast & lightweight web browser. Epiphany lets you use HTML5 websites and web apps while being lighter on battery life.

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Manage multiple accounts quickly and effortlessly with conversation-based e-mail, fast-as-you-type search, new e-mail notifications, and more.

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Uvezite, organizirajte i uređujte vaše fotografije. Napravite slideshow. Podijelite to na Facebooku ili Flickru.

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Video zapisi

Smart and simple video viewing with thumbnail previews on the seekbar, playlists, subtitle support, and even the ability to resume what was last playing.

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Easily view and create events. Sync with Online Accounts like Google.

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The smart pathbar makes it easy to browse with breadcrumbs, search, or path completion. Quickly navigate with the column view and enjoy browser-class tabs with smart features like tab history.

terminal screenshot
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With a color scheme designed to prevent eye strain, browser-class tabs with history and smart naming, task-completion notifications, natural copy & paste, backlog search and more, who says you can't teach an old app new tricks?

scratch screenshot
scratch icon


With a folder sidebar, multiple panes, and extensions like Terminal, Web Preview, Indentation Detection, and Vim Emulation, Scratch will be the last text editor you'll ever need.

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Easily snap pictures or video from a built-in webcam.

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3 našina pregelda


Prikaz vaših aplikacija u abecednoj rešetci. Listajte i nađite ono što želite.


Pregledajte vaše aplikacije automatski organizirane u kategorije. Odlično za velike kolekcije.


Pokrenite aplikacije, otvorite postavke, pokrenite komande i puno više uz munjevito brz pregled pomoću tražilice.

Otvoren kod

Naš kod je otvoren za svakoga, može te ga pregledati, modificirati i redistribuirati. Pročitajte više

Bez reklama. Bez špijunaže.

Nemamo dogovore s oglašavačkim tvrtkama i ne prikupljamo osjetljive osobne podatke. Naš jedini izbor dolazi direktno od korisnika.

Safe & Secure

Napravljen na Linuxu; istom sustavu kojeg koristi SADovo ministarstvo obrane, Kineska nacionalna banka i drugi. Sigurnosne napomene

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A fast and open replacement for Windows and macOS