Марката elementry е уникална: технически тя принадлежи на elementry LLC., компанията, която ръководи и подкрепя разработването на продуктите на elementry. Ние обаче имаме страхотна общност и не искаме да се замесваме прекалено много с легални изисквания и технически подробности. Затова имаме написани някакви насоки, чрез които по-лесно да се разбере как и къде марката elementry трябва да бъде използвана.


The word "elementary" refers to and is a trademark of elementary LLC. elementary is always lower-case, even when beginning sentences such as this. It is also used along with product names (i.e. "elementary OS") to refer to a specific product of elementary.

Brand Marks

elementary owns two marks: the "elementary" logotype and the "e" logomark. Both are considered trademarks and represent elementary—the company—and its products.

Both should be used with the following in mind:


elementary Logotype

The logotype is to be used when space allows to refer to elementary the company. It can be used before a product name to refer to a specific product of elementary.

The logotype should always be used under the following guidelines:


elementary Logomark

The "e" logomark is to be used to refer to elementary the company when space is constrained or a square ratio is required.


elementary employs the use of color combined with our name and marks to establish our brand. We use the following palette:

Ягода c6262e
Strawberry 100 ff8c82
Strawberry 300 ed5353
Strawberry 500 c6262e
Strawberry 700 a10705
Strawberry 900 7a0000
Портокал f37329
Orange 100 ffc27d
Orange 300 ffa154
Orange 500 f37329
Orange 700 cc3b02
Orange 900 a62100
Банан f9c440
Banana 100 fff394
Banana 300 ffe16b
Banana 500 f9c440
Banana 700 d48e15
Banana 900 ad5f00
Лимон 68b723
Lime 100 d1ff82
Lime 300 9bdb4d
Lime 500 68b723
Lime 700 3a9104
Lime 900 206b00
Боровинка 3689e6
Blueberry 100 8cd5ff
Blueberry 300 64baff
Blueberry 500 3689e6
Blueberry 700 0d52bf
Blueberry 900 002e99
Грозде a56de2
Grape 100 e4c6fa
Grape 300 cd9ef7
Grape 500 a56de2
Grape 700 7239b3
Grape 900 452981
Cocoa 715344
Cocoa 100 a3907c
Cocoa 300 8a715e
Cocoa 500 715344
Cocoa 700 57392d
Cocoa 900 3d211b
Silver abacae
Silver 100 fafafa
Silver 300 d4d4d4
Silver 500 abacae
Silver 700 7e8087
Silver 900 555761
Slate 485a6c
Slate 100 95a3ab
Slate 300 667885
Slate 500 485a6c
Slate 700 273445
Slate 900 0e141f
Черно 333333
Black 100 666666
Black 300 4d4d4d
Black 500 333333
Black 700 1a1a1a
Black 900 000000


For web and print, we use Raleway for headings and Open Sans for body copy. For code blocks, we use Roboto Mono.

Third Parties & Community

We encourage third party developers creating products for elementary OS to adopt certain elements of the elementary brand to achieve consistency:

  • Цвят
  • Шрифтове
  • Voice/tone

However, to avoid user confusion, we do restrict the usage of the elementary name and marks:

  • You are encouraged to say that your app or service is designed for elementary OS, but please don't use the elementary name or marks as part of the name of your company, application, product, service, or in any logo you create.
  • Only use the elementary name or marks to refer to elementary LLC. or its products (i.e. elementary OS).


Community products (sites, fan clubs, etc.) are encouraged to use the elementary Community logo:

elementary Community Logo with color elementary Community Logo in black

This helps establish the product as part of the overall elementary community while reducing confusion that can arise from using the main logomark.

Hardware Distributors

We want to ensure that as long as our software carries the elementary branding, the experience will be consistent whether it was downloaded from our website or pre-installed on a hardware product.

The software components of elementary OS may be modified and redistributed according to the terms of the software’s licensing. However, our brand marks may only be redistributed under one or more of the following conditions:

  1. The software remains unchanged, including pre-installed applications, stylesheets and iconography, configuration files, etc., or
  2. The modifications are approved in writing by elementary.

We understand that including drivers, hardware enablement, and distributor branding is important for distributors, so these modifications will almost always be approved by elementary. If in doubt, please email [email protected] for clarification or direction.

If you’re unable or unwilling to follow these trademark redistribution terms, removing elementary’s trademarks from the OS should be simple and straightforward:

  1. Modify the DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION line in the file /etc/lsb-release to exclude our trademarks.
  2. Replace the iconography such that the icon distributor-logo present in /usr/share/icons/elementary/places/ in each of the provided sizes does not appear in the OS.
  3. Remove the packages plymouth-theme-elementary and plymouth-theme-elementary-text.


Обикновено не позволяваме нашият бранд (име или лого) да бъдат използвани на продукти от трети страни.

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