Meet the Team

We believe in the unique combination of top-notch UX and the world-changing power of Open Source.

elementary was founded in 2007 by a small group of passionate volunteers. Over the years, we’ve been able to grow into a tiny company and fund the development of open source software. We’re a dedicated team of developers, designers, writers, and everyday computer users crafting an incredible open computing experience. We are elementary.

Danielle Foré
Founder Pacific Standard Time
Akshay (he/him)
{ engineer; sleep; } while (1) Pacific Standard Time
Avi Romanoff
Enthusiasm evangelist Eastern Standard Time
Blake Kostner
Web & Infrastructure Developer Mountain Standard Time
Cassidy James Blaede
Co-Founder & UX Architect Mountain Standard Time
Young "developer" Central European Time
Alain M.
Contributor - Third-Party Apps South America Pacific Standard Time
Alessandro Castellani
Web UI/UX Designer Pacific Standard Time
Alexander Hale
Developer Greenwich Mean Time
Alexander Mikhaylenko
Epiphany, libhandy, libadwaita Yekaterinburg Time
Allen Lowe
Grey-beard Mountain Standard Time
Andrei Zisu
Jack of all trades Central European Time
Artem Anufrij
Third-Party Apps Central European Time
Bartłomiej Piotrowski
Flathub maintainer Central European Time
Ben Iofel
lurker Eastern Standard Time
Junior developer Central European Time
Cameron Nemo
Developer Pacific Standard Time
Corentin Noël
Desktop Developer Central European Time
Dane Henson
App Developer Central Standard Time
David Hewitt
Developer Greenwich Mean Time
David Howell
Contributor Australian Central Daylight Time
Diego Provinciani
Expert "Hello World" developer Argentina Time
Web Developer Central European Time
Fabio Zaramella
Developer & Translator Central European Time
Felipe Escoto
Contributor - Third-Party Apps Pacific Standard Time
Felix Andreas
Developer Central European Time
Contributor Argentina Time
Gonçalo Margalho
App Developer Central European Time
Harvey Cabaguio
User Interface Designer Central Standard Time
Ivo Nunes
Developer Greenwich Mean Time
Jeremy Wootten
App Developer Greenwich Mean Time
Jesús Higueras
Desktop Developer Central European Time
José M. Benítez
Developer Central European Time
Julian Raschke
Desktop Developer Central European Time
Jung-Kyu Park
Translator & Man of Nature Korea Standard Time
Justin Haygood
Desktop Developer Eastern Standard Time
Katie M. K. Blaede
Print Designer Mountain Standard Time
kay van der Zander
desktop developer Central European Time
Keli Grubb
Developer Eastern Standard Time
Kirill Romanov
Translator & Desktop Developer Moscow Time
Destroyer of Everything Brasilia Time
Leonardo Lemos
Desktop Developer (i18n) & l10n Manager Argentina Time
Levi Voorintholt
Web developer / system admin Central European Time
Lewis Goddard
Web & Delivery Architect, Community Moderator Greenwich Mean Time
Liz Kecso
CFO Mountain Standard Time
Marco Betschart
Office Productivity Developer Central European Time
Marcus Wichelmann
Desktop Developer Central European Time
Mario Daniel Ruiz Saavedra
Kotlin developer, Vala enthusiast South America Pacific Standard Time
Mario Guerriero
developer Central European Time
Marius Meisenzahl
Developer Central European Time
Matt Harris
App & Desktop developer Greenwich Mean Time
Maxim Taranov
Localizer & Lord of Keyboard Layout Moscow Time
Micah Ilbery
Designer Central Standard Time
Michael McClurg
Contributor Mountain Standard Time
Mohammed ALMadhoun
De(bugger) Israel Standard Time
Nahuel Gomez
Contributor, Vala enthusiast Argentina Time
Nathan Dyer
'Vocal' developer, 'simply elementary' co-host, contributor Eastern Standard Time
Neal Gompa
Fedora Project elementary OS liason/contributor Eastern Standard Time
Owen Malicsi
Student who wants to "develop" China Standard Time
Developer Central European Time
Peter Uithoven
Frontend developer Central European Time
phillip sz
translation, bash/python scripting Central European Time
Princeton Ferro
Vala (tooling, language) Eastern Standard Time
Rico Tzschichholz
Vala Maintainer Central European Time
Robert Roth
Developer Eastern European Time
Roy McKenzie
Contributor Mountain Standard Time
Ryan Kornheisl
Contributor Eastern Standard Time
Ryan Sipes
Advisor Moscow Time
Ryo Nakano
Third Party App Development & Localization Management Japan Standard Time
Sam Hewitt
Designer Eastern Standard Time
Santiago León
Desktop Developer (i18n) South America Pacific Standard Time
Scott Jenson
UX Design East Africa Time
Sean Davis
Developer Eastern Standard Time
Shubham Arora
Developer India Standard Time
Tom Beckmann
Developer Central European Time
Tom Hacohen
EteSync Israel Standard Time
Vishal Rao
Random drive-by contributions India Standard Time

Community & Collaborators

elementary would not exist without the involvement of dedicated community members and collaborators from other free and open source projects.

Ben Shpurker
Exploring new hardware Mountain Standard Time
Fabio Valentini
fedora stuff Central European Time
Jan-Christoph Borchardt
Open Source Designer, focused on Nextcloud and opensourcedesign Central European Time
Patrick Griffis
Spy Pacific Standard Time
Simon Steinbeiß
UX Contributor, Xfce Liaison Central European Time
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