Lokalisatie van onze website en apps is zeer belangrijk om elementary OS beschikbaar te maken aan zoveel mensen als mogelijk. In plaats van enkel te vertrouwen op een intern vertalingsteam, gebruiken wij crowdsourcing zodat iedereen vertalingen kan indienen met weinig tot geen technische kennis. Om onze stem consistent te houden over het volledige platform en om onze nieuwe vertalers te helpen starten, hebben wij deze vertalingsgids in elkaar gestoken.

Steps to Begin Translation

Our apps and website are translated through Weblate: A libre web-based translation management system. In order to submit translations, you should:

Once you’ve selected a project, you can provide suggestions for strings that have not yet been translated, or suggest changes to strings that have already been translated. These suggestions will be evaluated by a translation team member and they will choose the most appropriate one. For a more info on Weblate, you can refer to its documentation.

By default, you're only able to suggest translations. If you would like to get permissions to save translations, join the translators Slack and message an admin your Weblate username and what language you want to translate.

When translating you may encounter a situation where you have to decide between several ways of saying the same thing. In these situations we refer to the Ubuntu general translator guide, and for language specific issues, we follow Ubuntu's team translation guidelines. Following these guidelines ensures uniform translations, while also allowing anyone to contribute.

If you don't want to translate using Weblate, or want to make a lot a changes at once, you can also translate offline. To do so:

Once you've finished, use the "Upload translation" option in the "Files" menu on the same page you downloaded them from.

Additional Info

We won't support translation of the following pages: