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Every purchase goes towards developing elementary OS, its apps, and its services. We're a small team, mostly volunteer, working constantly to make elementary better—your support helps make elementary OS more sustainable.


Hardware devices with elementary OS can be purchased from the following retailers. Purchasing from these companies helps support elementary OS.

Laptop With Linux

  • Laptops, mini desktops
  • Based in the Netherlands
  • Free shipping within EU


  • Laptops, desktops, mini desktops, all-in-ones
  • Based in Spain
  • International shipping

Star Labs

  • Laptops
  • Based in the United Kingdom
  • International shipping

Hardware and software support for these devices are provided by the retailer.

More Coming Soon…

New tees, mugs, and more will be launching with our new store soon. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates and announcements.