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A new version of Pantheon's Terminal app has just been released. With this release, the terminal gains many new settings, several bug fixes, and a few new features.

New features

We've added some new features to the terminal, making it even more versatile while still being super lightweight and simple. For example, you're now able to zoom text with your keyboard and we've added a launch-command parameter for executing a certain command as soon as the terminal opens. We've also added true transparency and DConf-configurable color themes.

New settings

In addition to new features, we have added some new settings for our terminal users. Several customizations have been added, including options to enable or disable bold fonts, define character encodings, and forget last open tabs. We've also made the cursor color customizable as well as added a setting to define the launch shell.

Bug Fixes

Several bugs were fixed; check them all out here.

Get it today

You can get the latest release of Pantheon Terminal from our daily PPA (as always). If you’re running Luna Beta, you’ll get it automatically in your updates. You can also grab the source code from lp:pantheon-terminal.

Get Involved

If you notice any problems with Terminal, make sure to file a bug report. We're always looking for help with translations. Don't hesitate to browse our bug tracker or blueprints if you know a little Vala. Also feel free to contact me (David "munchor" Gomes) in #elementary-dev on irc.freenode.net.

Terminal 0.2 was only possible thanks to the help of Akshay "voldyman" Shekher, he fixed lots of bugs, some of which of critical importance such as the "Real transparency" one. A list of other contributors is also available. Thanks to all involved; we appreciate everybody's help!

Cassidy James and Daniel Fore contributed to the content and editing of this entry.

Published February 26th, 2013
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