On Testing Isis Freyaby David Gomes

We know a lot of Luna users and elementary OS followers are eager to try the upcoming release of elementary OS. You might have also noticed we haven't made mention of any testing images. Although we have been working hard on what will become Isis Freya, we are not yet ready to have the community try it out.

The development libraries (and their dependencies) used in Luna and Isis Freya are very different. In some cases, they're more than 2 years more recent in Isis Freya than in Luna. As such, we've been working to adapt our code to adjust to these new libraries and bindings. It's been a very complicated process. Actually, we aren't yet done with this goal, so we're still facing some major-blocking issues with the desktop behavior.

Cassidy James has an interesting analogy:

Imagine we're baking cookies.

Jupiter was the kind on the back of the chocolate chip bag, tweaked a bit. We liked that, but decided for Luna that we should make our own dough. We had to figure out the best combination of ingredients and make it from scratch.

With Isis, we have newer, higher quality ingredients to choose from, but they react differently and taste different compared to the old ones. Our job is to make cookies that are even more delicious than Luna, but first we have to figure out the recipe.

Any ISOs that exist now are equivalent to some of the possible ingredients being thrown onto a cookie sheet and stuck in the oven. It's ugly and tastes gross because we're just not done.

Once we figure out all the best ingredients, we'll put them together and bake up a test batch, a beta. We'll let you all know so you can taste-test with us and give us feedback.

After that, we'll tweak the recipe as needed and decide if we need another taste-testing. Once we're satisfied, we'll call it finished and bake that final delicious batch.

It's true, we do have in-house development images of what will become Isis Freya, but they're so broken and unfinished that we don't feel it's safe or useful to put them out there for everyone to try. There's no point in having a lot of testers report bugs we already know of and flood our bug trackers. Thus, we ask that you give us some time before we launch a beta version of Isis Freya. The images we have are far, very far away from where we're going and we all need to be patient since the developers of elementary are all volunteers giving away their free time.

Edited on June 22, 2014 to reflect the change from Isis to Freya. Read more here.

Published December 6th, 2013


TheGeKo ElementaryOS 5 months ago

ElementaryOS is my default PC system now, i used before another Linux distros and i finally do the jump to Linux with ElementaryOS, please don’t stop now and leave semiforgotten and outdated this great project! listen to the people, ElementaryOS can be a very serious reference for people that come from windows and look for a nice, stable, useful and comfortable system.  but keep with the mind open to new ideas and changes that people proposed and need also..

I recommended a lot ElementaryOS to Spanish speakers people (Spain & Latinamerica) but somethings of elementaryOS break the first feel with the SO in them, It ‘s a shame that the best linux system i used is normally rejected by nonsense desicions in the developers team that are very easy to resolve, i think Elementary is a perfect system with bad decisions.

Desktop must be free to put documents and interact with it

Software included must be renewed, completed and changed by another better selection,  at least ... midori -> Firefox , Noise -> clementine or audacious , make more lighter the Terminal that takes same time to open that firefox, system must include a task manager, include elementary tweaks with minimize button by default, include a option to autodownload codecs, flashplayer, etc, make system more easy to newers users in a post installation and include some more basic software by default..
other people say “based on 12.04” , ooh is old , better not.

i think a lot of people dislike elementaryOS when try it in live mode by small easily nosense desicions..

I think ElementaryOS is a great job, a lot better than others that i tried, included Ubuntu! why this great job is outdated and not correct this little things that make dislike to lot of people?

no need to change the whole system to a new version , only update and correct little things, listen to people and enable the user to decide also.

I’m sorry if I offend in something , I give my honest opinion as a user and recommender of elementaryos,  and transmit own and others people opinions, and do not understand how a system is so forgotten and are reluctant to listen to people as i saw in the forum in some answers.

sorry for my bad english, greetings.

dvelas26 9 months ago

Love elementary, can’t way for the new release

andrezlatin 9 months ago

You can’t name an operating system with the same name as an Arabic terrorist group.
Just don’t. I don’t want you to ruin a wonderful operating system with a name like this.
Just watch this. youtube.com/watch?v=vOGLesXQ4Tc
You need your branding team get some more ideas.

Cassidy James 9 months ago

We’re playing with the idea of a different codename. We’ll announce anything on the Journal, as always!

pilang 9 months ago

What do you all think about the name ISIS? No good vibes around that name these days…

Cassidy James 9 months ago

Isis was never “ISIS.” But we are currently playing with the naming. It’s never final until we release.

Cosmonaut 9 months ago

Luna is awesome, can’t wait for Isis!! :)

feresr 10 months ago

Thanks! :D thanks, and thanks again!.  This is the ONLY linux distro that I actually like. It’s the perfect ballance of performance and beauty. Keep up the good work

lorendias 10 months ago

Is this real?

I’m dying for the upgrade so I can get access to Ubuntu 14.04 version apps.

Cassidy James 9 months ago

The author likely downloaded something compiled by a third party, as no public ISOs of the next version of elementary OS exist.

But yes, it looks like those screenshots do represent where the development currently stands.

Gerson Learchman 10 months ago

En mi netbook anda excelente… tan bien que mis compañeros de la facultad que usaban Windows me han pedido que les instale Luna para probarla y perderle el miedo a GNU/Linux y ahora ya no utilizan Windows excepto para aquellos programas que aún no tienen un similar en GNU/Linux o que no son compatibles, espero con ganas la primera beta de Isis de 32, he probado la Isis de 64 y no está nada mal.

albi187 10 months ago

A big thank you , I have been distro hoping for some years now and thought i had found a unbeatable OS   with mint cinnamon, but elementary has knocked it off the perch. I just love elementary and it feels “like coming home*, well done to the elementary team and thanks,  Al

Jamast 10 months ago

Luna is a bit too buggy and unpolished for an OS. I will wait for Isis.

zapinguete 10 months ago

Best Distro Ever eOS (Luna)

Stephen Ward 10 months ago

Installed to VMware to have a look without any great expectations,just another tweaked Ubuntu.How wrong could I be!Bowled over by this great distro.Zen-like in it’s spareness and (apparent)simplicity but much work must have gone into this paring down of unnecessary bloat.Will wait for the upcoming Isis before installing to my hard disk but I can hardly wait.Will run dual boot with my original Linux love,Mint which I can never give up.Will have to live as a bigamist!

nazar2nirvana 11 months ago

when will the ISIS be out? anyone any release date!!!!
plz add the following in it;

prtc 11 months ago

Like to see Terminology included in Isis

Lazo 11 months ago

I’m glad to see this, can’t wait for Isis.

smalltimer 11 months ago

Use Debian as the base instead of Ubuntu >___>

ppp7032 11 months ago

I personly think that of all the linux distobutions in the world ... ElementaryOS is the absolute best!!! People who have been hipnotised by Mint don’t see the beauty in other distrobutions. Although, there is one bug I thing you should fix… I have a HP Pavilion g6 with a Ralink wireless card (can’t remember wich :( ) and when I had Windows 7 on this laptop, the wireless card worked just fine, but when I switched to ElementaryOS, I had to plug-in a USB ‘Wi-Pi’ wich was made for the Raspberry Pi!

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