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The latest release of Noise is here. It brings a whole slew of fixes and a few new features for a total of 80 bug reports closed and 1 blueprint implemented.


There’s nothing more show stopping than having an app crash. That’s why in this release we fixed 15 crashers related to, importing, playback, and more. Thanks for everyone who submitted bug reports; because of you and the hard work of our developers, Noise is now much more stable overall.


Noise now automatically seeks out and downloads album artwork (even if you haven’t played the song yet). When scanning for new music, Noise now detects and avoids duplicates. For an added special something, Noise now shows the number of remaining songs in the Queue in the source list.

UX/Design Fixes

Plays, skips, shuffling, and filtering should all be working as expected. We added a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Q) to quit Noise, did some icon work with Noise’s main app icon as well as with a few icons in the sidebar, and grouped “New Playlist” with the other playlist items in the context menu. Additionally, playlists now use the list view by default instead of the Album view.

Desktop Integration

With this release, we improved how Noise fits in with our platform. Notification bubbles are now a little less frequent, only showing up when necessary. In addition, we made improvements to the keywords associated with Noise so that searching in the app launcher is even faster and easier, especially for new users.

Performance Enhancements

We worked particularly hard this release on improving the performance of Noise. We landed quite a few fixes for users with large collections of music, reworked smart playlists, and greatly improved startup times.

External Device Support

Noise now handles external devices better than ever. We fixed several annoyances with iPods and iOS devices, including one particularly nasty bug which disallowed viewing your library while an iDevice was attached. Syncing music to Android devices now adds to the correct folder if it's not already present. Additionally, we squashed bugs with CD ripping, separate partitions, and more.

Get it Today

You can get the latest release of Noise from our daily PPA (as always). If you’re running Luna Beta, you’ll get it automatically in your updates. For the full detailed list of things included in this release, check out the 0.2 milestone on launchpad.

Get Involved

If you notice any problems with Noise, make sure to file a bug report. We're always looking for help with translations. Don't hesitate to browse our bug tracker or blueprints if you know a little Vala. Or if you're hanging out in #elementary-dev on you can ping Corentin (tintou) and tell him what a great job he's doing!


Published February 25th, 2013
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