Keyboard Shortcuts in Luna Beta Oneby Imported Article

One of the more common questions since releasing the first beta has been, "What are some keyboard shortcuts?" We're still figuring out how to best expose these to users, but for now we thought we could clue you in to some here.

⌘+Space App Launcher
Alt+Tab Window Switcher
⇧+Alt+Tab Switch Windows Backwards
⌘+W Window Overview
⌘+A Window Overview (Across All Workspaces)
⌘+Left/Right Switch Workspace
⌘+S Workspace Overview
⌘+0 New Workspace
⇧+⌘+Left/Right Move Window with Workspace
Ctrl+⌘+Left/Right Snap Window to Half of Workspace
Ctrl+⌘+Up/Down Maximize/Unmaximize Window
⌘+L Lock Screen
⌘+Click+Drag Move Window
⌘+Secondary (Right) Click+Drag Resize Window
= Super (Windows or Command key), = Shift


We hope these are useful to you, and we'll be working out how to display these and more shortcuts to our users in the near future. Thanks everyone who's testing, and remember to keep filing bugs.

Happy testing!

Published November 18th, 2012
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