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A year and a half ago we released elementary OS Jupiter, our first foray into the world of operating systems. It was an incredible learning experience and caught the eye of a lot of people. We received many positive reviews and grew our userbase exponentially in the following months.

In the time since then, we've been working on a new version, called Luna. It's been a long journey with massive changes. We've been building a new desktop environment, working on the OS with all of its apps and underlying technologies, and hammering out bugs to get the beta released. We're incredibly close.

With that said, Jupiter has fallen behind. It was an awesome achievement for us when we released it, but we no longer feel confident offering it up for download on our site. Being built from Ubuntu 10.10, it no longer receives security updates and is running outdated software. Newer software requires newer libraries that aren't compatible with Jupiter, meaning we're stuck.

Today, we're announcing that we are officially bidding farewell to Jupiter to make room for Luna. Along with the download page*, our current Answers system will be taken offline temporarily; it is designed to be a community-driven support system for the current release and will be brought back online for the release of Luna.

Jupiter will always hold a special place in our hearts as our first major effort. If you're still running Jupiter, hang in there; Luna isn't too far away.

* The download will still be available for historical purposes, but we strongly discourage using it on production machines.

Published October 12th, 2012
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