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A few weeks ago we started selling official elementary stickers (and we've shipped hundreds), but today we have something even more exciting to show you: official elementary t-shirts!

We've worked with a fantastic print shop in Des Moines, Iowa, USA called Eight Seven Central to bring you some premium official tees. The t-shirts are elementary blue and have our slick "elementary" logotype printed on the front in white. Around back you'll find a small "elementaryos.org" so people know where to go to learn more. And of course we also stylishly brandish our "e" logomark on the sleeve. They're lovely, soft American Apparel tees, so they're sized US-style and are a little more form-fitting than other tees. Order appropriately (for sizing details, see this chart).

We have sizes small through extra-large available starting today. The tees look amazing in person and we can't wait for you to get them. Hit up our store page to order; we ship around the world.*

Order Now

* We're still getting international shipping sorted to some countries. If your shipping cost is set at $22.22 USD, email me ([email protected]) and we'll get the costs calculated for your specific country.

Published July 9th, 2013
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