elementary OS Isis is now Freyaby Cassidy James

We've been hard at work on the next version of elementary OS, until now codenamed Isis. Today we're announcing the new codename: elementary OS Freya.

How do you choose these names, anyway?

We name OS releases after mythological deities and beings.

Our first release, Jupiter, was named after the Roman king of the gods. It was a huge release (what with being our first release of an entire operating system) and we felt the famous deity's namesake was fitting.

Next, we released Luna, named after the Roman goddess of the moon. Its two-syllable length and familiar pronunciation made it an easy choice among countless ancient deities with long and confusing names.

The codename Isis was chosen by Daniel in August of last year:

I'm leaning strongly towards "Isis" for this one. It's short (2 syllables), should be generally pretty easy to pronounce, etc. Isis is the egyptian mother god of the throne, "friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, and the downtrodden". You can read up more about her here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isis

Why the change?

While Isis worked well, there is currently an active militant group in Iraq and Syria commonly known as "ISIS" (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). elementary obviously has no ties to that group—and we don't think people will get us confused—but we want to both recognize the ongoing turmoil and choose a less controversial name.

Freya is a Norse goddess of love and beauty. As we push our design forward, a goddess associated with beauty makes a lot of sense. And evoking the powerful emotion of love is always a good thing! Another two-syllable name rolls off the tongue and Freya is less commonly used than other options.

Now what?

Development on elementary OS Freya is still speeding along. We're not quite ready for a public beta, but we're getting closer.

As always, feel free to track our progress on Launchpad and throw some money at hard-working developers by backing us on Bountysource.

Avi Romanoff and Cody Garver contributed to this entry.

Published June 21st, 2014


Onezino Moreira 2 months ago

Is there any chance to give a shot when it’ll be release?  A lot of change in Os, filesystem, kernel, drivers and app happen sisnce the last stable elementaryos release.

Walid Qotit 2 months ago

that’s Great ;)

Hajidi 6 months ago

Please support to my Canon LBP2900 printer since all this while the printer fail to print even though the printer was listed as installed printer.

obelich 6 months ago

Hiyas please add support to Laptop Lenovo Y50-70 :) this computer have 2 videocard first one is
Intel HD 4600 and the other one is
Nvidia GTX 860m

Wifi Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 this one is AC wireless i get some problems in to work on ubuntu 14.04

WiFi 7 months ago

I have a few questions about Freya due to problems with Luna on my new Sony Vaio laptop. I originally installed it on my older Vaio (it’s around 3 years old now) it was dual booted with Ubuntu which I didn’t like for its slow speed. eOS Luna works perfectly on it and I did really like it, due to that I decided to dual boot with my Windows 8.1 Laptop which is brand new. During the install I noticed that the wifi didn’t work which was soon fixed by downloading new proprietary drivers, although there were no drivers for my speakers, mic, Intel graphics card. I’m thinking this is due to maybe new hardware that may not work with the older kernel that Luna uses. (older kernal = can’t detect newer hardware?)

MY QUESTIONS YAY: If that’s the cause, will Freya be using an updated kernel more like the recent Ubuntu? Because I’m hoping it does so I can wipe Luna from my new laptop and hopefully install Freya in hopes that all my hardware will actually work, and will Freya keep the same appearance/customisation as Luna? I do really love the look and speed of it:) Good job!

Djalmar Rayo 8 months ago

I’ve been trying to go to my hotmail account and somehow the midori web browser is stuck in the loging screen.
I actually love Luna version so far.
I’ve got a very old laptop with 512mb ram and 120gb hdd.
It’s running very well.
I installed firefox, though I would like to use elementary OS original web browser.

Daniel Campos 8 months ago

Hey guys any chance Freya will have Evolutional UI’s? For example - From within the desktop I’d like to start searching the web and my local files by beginning to type or speak to Freya. Then as I continue to type or talk the UI changes to a Status Post for social networks. If I proceed to type further it becomes a text document, then an email, then an essay document if I add a header to the format. Or another example - If I were to stretch an icon horizontally of a raw camera file - Would a timeline pop from under like the workspace switcher kinda does? Just wanted to know, anyways thanks for making Element OS and I look forward to Freya.

zamiere 8 months ago

Isis is now isn’t isn’t…

runej 8 months ago

Like someone said on Reddit, they made kind of a SEO failure by changing their abbreviated name to one of the most used words in the english vocabulary (and a very common danish word too btw, means ice cream)...
Hopefully these morons will now be burried in any SERP below 60,000,000 other more interesting pages using that word. Even elementaryos.org is using that word, so…

Ralf Jones 8 months ago

Me gusta Elementary OS Luna, muy Atractivo, lo utilizo para desarrollo de Apps Web aunque a veces se me queda, el Freya debe superar esto…Espero con ansias la pronta llegada…..

Thaynan Limma 8 months ago

Quando teremos o Freya? Há uma previsão para data de lançamento???

snipertux 8 months ago

Thanks to the developers and everyone for creating an amazing OS !!!! Can we have something like this for Freya release schedule….


jontse 8 months ago

Release date thanks!

wodnik191 9 months ago

Kiedy sie doczekamy nowej wersji???

Turbine 9 months ago

I have a 745gb partition ready for Freya.

nickytoh 9 months ago

I don’t care about the name but the release date. ;-P

fhjguieisie 9 months ago


spawnflagger 9 months ago

We used to name our departmental machines after norse gods, then ran out, so starting using gods names of all varieties.  There are some interesting names in both Hawaiian gods and Japanese gods. 

My only slight complaint about Freya is that an old Android release (2.2) was called Froyo.  No big deal though.

Also note that in ISIS was the name used early in western media.  That group was called ISIL in other context. (L for Levant).  As another pointed out, was just shortened to IS.  Now all Information Science schools have to worry ;)

Lastly, I hope the fictional spy agency from Archer doesn’t have to change its name!

AlphaMFoxtrot 9 months ago

I am right now installing Luna, will an internal upgrade from Luna to Freya be possible? If not, I’d rather wait it out till Freya is released

Omar Ebrahim 9 months ago

Good idea changing the name! I’m looking forward to the next release

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