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The latest version of the elementary GTK theme finally sees a release. Just like Luna, our GTK theme has been undergoing a massive update for a little over a year. The new theme uses a very CSS-like syntax and leverages tons of features from the powerful Unico engine that were never available in GTK2.

GTK3 Theming

This is the first release that was built for GTK3. That means it uses the new CSS-like syntax instead of GTKrc, makes use of the new ":backdrop" state to distinguish focused windows from unfocused, and includes the new widgets that were introduced in GTK3 such as switches and the new spin buttons.

Unico Powered

In GTK3 we're using the Unico theme engine, made by the same Andrea Cimitan who created the Murrine theme engine used in GTK2. It adds the ability to finely tweak widgets' borders, add inner and outer strokes, apply gradients and glows, and it even has support for some small transitions. 

Granite Integrated

We've even baked in some special support for Granite widgets like Popovers and a new Content View class for a clean white look. There's a whole set of style rules for Sidebars, Secondary Toolbars, and more. We've really kicked up the attention to visual design in our apps with this new theme.

Button Positions

As part of our effort to make apps both launch faster and remember where they were when you closed them. The new button arrangement has landed as part of the default configuration. Read a little more about that here

Get it Today!

You should notice the latest release trickling down soon if you're already using our daily PPA. Other early adopters can download the tarball directly from launchpad here. For everyone else, you'll see the new theme when Luna makes it's debut soon ;)

Published April 3rd, 2012
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