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The UX Team is at it again! A new version of the elementary GTK theme has been released and it’s stuffed full of UI refinements.


This release includes a whole new set of color-coded infobars. The new styles communicate the context and severity of these embedded alerts with white for information, blue for questions, yellow for warnings, and red for errors.


Since the last release we’ve added a new widget to Granite called SourceList, which is the sidebar that you see in apps like Noise. Of course, it’s styled completely with CSS down to the last pixel and ensures consistency throughout our apps. The most noticeable changes here come in the form of a more subtle “pressed-in” selection style and category expanders that only show on hover.

Tree Views

So-called “Tree” Views see a number of fixes including a more airy layout, a better looking edit-able item, checkboxes in the update manager that aren’t cut off, no more dashes (as seen in Geary’s Conversation List), and column headers that are the same height (another great Noise fix).


Switches are now more compact and sport icons instead of text. This keeps consistency across translations and fixes a few previous alignment issues.

Focus States

For our Universal Access crowd, we’ve added a slew of new keyboard focus states to buttons, switches, entries, and more. As a result, accessibility and general keyboard navigability are greatly improved.

Spin Buttons

This release sees a major refactor to the way Spin Buttons, the number entries with +/- buttons, are styled. We brought in a more subtle look and fixed visual glitches in light windows like Noise’ Song Info dialog.


Menu spacing has been refined, separators are now full-width, and the selection color has been brought in line with our brand colors. Additionally you’ll notice that the panel’s menus now have a semi-transparent border that makes them look crisp against dark wallpapers as well as light.

So Much More

This release is really about refinements and tweaks: the styling of Modal Sheets has been refined, Spinners now actually spin, Tabbars are lighter and lose an extra 1 pixel border, Window buttons are drawn using fewer images, an optional minimize icon was added, CSS files have been re-organized, and more. For a list of bugs fixed, check out the 3.3 milestone page on launchpad.

Get It Today

The theme will be rolling out to our Luna testers through Update Manager, or you can hit up the Launchpad page for a manual download.

If You're Not Running Luna Beta 

Be warned that this theme is targeted at Gtk 3.4 and will not work with Gtk 3.6 or newer. Additionally, this theme uses a newer format for it's window border theme that works with LibMutter window decorators (Like  our Gala and GNOME's Mutter), but not with Compiz.

Published April 23rd, 2013
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