Council Notes: Oct 1, 2011 by Imported Article

Another week, another Council meeting. This week we went over some the blueprints from last week in more detail (while addressing the feedback we've received), in addition to going over some other important blueprints. Follow along for more details.

Maximize Like Fullscreen

Approved, but if and only if the hide is a result of maximize and both Plank and WingPanel always do the same thing. This makes maximization truly maximize the screen space the app uses, keeps thing behaving consistently, and is always the result of an explicit action.

Next Developer Sprint


We've decided the next developer sprint should not be so open-ended, and that it will more productive to sprint on specific work items like bugs in a specific user-facing app. Sprinting on Contractor is still an option for down the line, but it would not be a traditional developer sprint.


Postler and Midori both have a huge amount of bugs reports on them, making them prime candidates for the next app sprint. Being based on Vala and generally a smaller app than Midori, Postler seems like the best bet sprint-wise. We will discuss it with the developer before the final decision.

Foreign App Defaults

We've decided this simply is not a good idea; it's not the job of elementary developers to take their time making non-native and third-party apps look  and work right.

Non-traditional Filesystem

Because we're already working to abstract the filesystem for end users, "normal people" will probably never see the filesystem; this would be more in the interest of power users and devs, who are already familiar with the Linux filesystem. We've decided to not approve this blueprint.


We've decided to not implement Ksplice with elementary OS. Ksplice itself is no longer well-maintained and has not been tested in a large desktop OS to our knowledge. Instead, we will work to continue to handle updates as transparently and in the background as possible without bothering the users. The latest updates will always be used as soon as the user reboots.

Plank Defaults

We have decided to keep the 48px icon size from Jupiter, use this Pantheon theme, and to keep the same hiding behavior (for non-maximized apps). The size has worked well thus far, the theme is similar to Jupiter's dock theme (and is visually consistent with the other Pantheon elements), and the  hiding behavior (when combined with the maximize-like-fullscreen blueprint) keeps things showing unless they're explicitly hidden.

Indicator Strategy

We've decided that the indicators should not contain launchers to settings areas, so we're going to see what happens when we remove Gnome Control Center. If the launchers remain in the indicators, we will work with upstream to get them to remove the launchers when Control Center is not installed. This way we don't have to maintain our own version of every indicator, but we also won't have useless launcher items that don't do anything.

Don't Support Installing Debs by Default

As a security model it could be beneficial; a user can always install gdebi to make it less secure (but possibly more convenient for their uses). No matter how big a dialog with warnings you put, some users will still end up installing things from untrusted sources. We will hold off on a final decision until we discuss how AppCenter will work exactly.

Update: For further discussion of the "Don't Support Installing Debs by Default" topic, check out this Journal entry.

Published October 3rd, 2011
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