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During this week's Contributor Meeting we covered some pretty interesting subjects; there was discussion ranging from a widget layer to focusing on the upcoming Luna release.

Feature Freeze

We discussed the need for a feature and design freeze in the near future to stop our development from spreading and spreading, causing Luna to never be ready for release. We decided that from February 29th on we will direct our focus to fixing bugs and improving the stability of our whole platform. If there are some essential features missing that you know of, report it on Launchpad now. While discussing this topic, we checked through our apps to see what still needs to be done in that timeframe:

Postler & Dexter: Both have older and working releases, we're not sure now stable the in development versions are, yet.

Wingpanel: On track, minor bugs left and some styling updates needed.

Cerbere: Our session watchdog is working fine.

Pantheon Wallpaper: Works well except for some minor bugs and quirks.

Pantheon Greeter: Needs quite a bit of work, but is doable for sure.

Beatbox: Seems to be really buggy right now since there were a lot of features added in the last few months. Has to be cleaned up now.

Maya: While Maya's UI looks pretty and works, it doesn't do much behind the scenes. Due to limited development resources. we are not going to be focusing on it until Luna is out the door.

Switchboard: We need to do some more work here as well, fix bugs in Switchboard itself, and get onto those plugs we need to still improve or make. Thankfully we got a bit of a relief on this as we now are able to use GNOME Control Center panes if needed.

Lingo: Works as expected, should be moved to testing PPA for any final testing.

Pantheon Terminal: Needs adding of keyboard shortcuts, as it seems quite important ones are missing.

Slingshot: Still has some issues that need to be fixed.


Dock: We really hope Plank will get the improvements we'd like to see, if not we'll fall back to Docky.

Marlin: We can't really do anything about a Marlin release, but we think it is pretty stable, and ready for a release.

Midori: On track and should use a GTK3 release if avaiable by then, let's push these guys a bit.

Note: This list considers unstable releases directly from the working tree.

Coding Style

We finally got our Vala coding guidelines together and you can take a look at them here.

Note that this is not the final version, but a draft that still needs changes in some sections, like the GPL Header.

First Run dialog

Also there's been quite some talk about creating a "First Run dialog" that pops up on your first boot, of which a mockup can be seen at

We decided that the first boot is holy and no popup or guide should interrupt that feeling, however we would like to add more settings to the installer that normally just sits there for 20 minutes and shows you the same graphics over and over again.

But that's not all ...

Yes, indeed we did even more in the short time, we decided on these things as well:

  • Removal of AppMenu in Switchboard as it contains nothing of real value
  • Wikis on the next version of the website will only allow privileged users to edit, but will in turn offer Google docs like commenting if everything goes well
  • Get designer feedback by adding the elementary design team to Launchpad merge requests and bug reports
  • Do not start any new projects until Luna is out the door
  • We also chose to not make a detailed guide on how to setup Pantheon and other unstable apps of ours yet, as they can easily cause problems users can't resolve
  • Decided on making the copyright from-to syntax: "2011-2012"

And that's it for this weeks meeting. Please provide some feedback if I missed something! If you'd like to attend the next one, just join #elementary-dev on next Saturday at 1800 UTC.

Published January 15th, 2012
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