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It's been a long road to this point. One year ago, we released elementary OS Jupiter to the masses, and overall it was well-received. It was our first release of our operating system, and as such, we did some things differently back then. However, things are changing.


With Jupiter, we found it best to build off of the Linux kernel, as we were the most familiar with it at the time. However, we have come to a point where we need something different. We'd like to announce that elementary OS, from our next release and forward, will be based on the open source Darwin kernel. Darwin is similar to Linux, but has a greater desktop market share seeing as how OS X (and even iOS) are also built on this open source base.

Release Naming Scheme

elementary OS Jupiter kicked off our naming scheme with a mythological god (and also a planet). With our next release, this all changes.

Daniel Fore, the founder and leader of elementary, is also known by "DanRabbit." This is no coincidence, but simply a sign of things to come.

From here forward, elementary OS Luna will be known as elementary OS Lionhead, named after a newer breed of rabbit called the Lionhead rabbit. The switch to rabbits also simply makes sense; rabbits can be fast, they're friendly, and just about everyone loves them. Just like elementary. Future releases will follow a similar scheme, being named after various breeds of rabbits.

Vertical Integration

We've realized that the only way to be successful in the software world is complete vertical integration; that's why we're partnering with Psystar Corporation to pair the best software with the best hardware. We will work with them to bring top-notch computers with elementary OS pre-installed directly to our users.

Release Dates

Jupiter was released at 23:59 UTC on March 31, 2011. We now realize this may not have been the best of plans; some people thought it was released at 00:00 on April Fool's day, causing them to think it was all a joke. In the future, we'll avoid this by not holding major releases on or right around the first of April. Instead, we'll devote that day only to silly, ridiculous, and hopefully humorous pranks. Like this Journal entry. 

Published April 1st, 2012
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